About Us

Dave Carter & Associates, Inc. Corporate OfficeDave Carter & Associates, Inc. has been a dominant supplier to the manufactured housing and recreational vehicle industries for over 30 years. With locations across the United States, we provide a comprehensive selection of products to manufacturers throughout these industries with competitive pricing and outstanding customer service. From infrastructural products such as electrical and plumbing, to ventilation and air conditioning, doors and windows, electronics, and appliances, Dave Carter & Associates dominates the market in every line. At Dave Carter & Associates, we're committed to excellence. Anything short of this is unacceptable.

The Service You Deserve

Our sales representatives are stationed at our branches throughout the country so we can provide the exemplary service that our customers deserve at their plants. Securing and retaining a top of the line, experienced sales staff assures our customers the service they need, at the moment they need it.

Making Things Simple

Our comprehensive selection of products in multiple lines simplifies the selection and purchasing process so our customers can concentrate their efforts on other important aspects of their businesses. We can set up large product packages for our customers, providing everything they need in a limited number of transactions. This reduces the number of invoices, trucks, and salesmen they need to deal with, saving them valuable time and resources, not to mention cutting costs. We pride ourselves on being a low-cost value added supplier. By keeping our operation efficient, we can help widen our customers' profit margins and still offer vast selection and superior service. That's why we're the number one supplier for the top 25 manufacturers in the country. These high-volume companies require uniform pricing and service nationwide, and, unlike many suppliers, we can provide that. With our large network and multiple lines, we are one of the few suppliers in the industry that makes purchasing so easy, efficient, and cost effective.